Professional Photography

PLEASE!!! Don't make it snappy!

Good photography makes all the difference to marketing literature and at Clarity, are big believers in putting in the effort to sourcing the right shot for the job.

Poor quality 'snapshots' and cheap stock photography can drag promotional material down and reflect badly on your business.

Aim high - show your products and services in their best possible light wherever possible.

At Clarity we offer in house photography services, which can be especially cost effective for product shots. This gives you the benefit of getting exactly the images you need to represent your products and services and they are exclusively unique to you.

If budgets won’t stretch, then you can of course opt for stock library photography: some of it cheap and some of it expensive. The golden rule, don’t buy purely on price - if the image is cheap but a compromise, don’t buy it! In addition, most of this photography is royalty free which means that it can be used widely, not only by you,  but also by your competitors, so pick wisely!

To discuss a photography project or for details of some excellent photographers, please contact us, Cambridge 01223 653 163 or email